Nationals one-off classes

New one-off classes announced at Nationals 2022 at UBC

All classes are $20 for AFDC/FDC members, or $35 for non-members
Reserve your spot by emailing and sending e-transfer to


Motion Capture 101: Animals and Archetypes - June 6th, 7-9pm

Levels: All
Spots Available: 20
Come prepared to create and explore your creation! In motion capture your character’s
physical embodiment establishes the rules, tells the story, and generally sets the tone of the
world for the player/audience. This will be a fast-paced exploration and observation class
designed to instigate imaginative physical improvisation within a guided framework. Come with
an animal in mind that you intend to embody!
Classwork: animal work, body work, group improv, transformation, intention. Aaaaand maybe
some zombies...

Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith is an actor, voice actor, and stunt performer working in Los Angeles, CA across
all mediums from live performance to film to digital media. Hunter brings together the Meisner
method, LABAN principles, a martial mindset, a storyteller’s heart, and a director’s eye to craft
specific characters and singular journeys. Hunter loves performing in film and theatre, but
there’s just something special about becoming a video game character.
Hunter has recently appeared in such video games as: 12 Minutes (body capture for Willem
Dafoe and James McAvoy), Army of the Dead: VR, Rogue Company (Umbra), Texas Chainsaw
Massacre. And some NDA titles in development... Recent films include: Natasha Kermani’s
Lucky (2020), Ike Boys (2021), Naruto: The Movie Live Action Fan Film (2021).

Introduction to Gunshu - June 6th, 7-9pm

Instructor Kevin Mak
Spots Available: 12
Made famous by the likes of Jackie Chan & Jet Li, Chinese WuShu has integrated into Western films with its flashier, smoother style of fighting. As a more traditional martial artist, we need to remember where this style originated. In this class, we will be looking into the basics of "The Grandfather of all Weapons" The Chinese Staff. We will touch on basic handling, stances and movement with the end goal of eventually putting it all together into one routine.

Kevin Mak
Kevin “Kay” Mak is a martial artist, stunt performer, and instructor. Mak began studying wushu at the age of 12 and quickly moved up to instructor 3 years later. He also trained with the Team Hong Kong National Team. In 2008 Mak attended his first Paddy Crean workshop, training with stunt performers, stage combatants, and historical martial artists from around the world. Mak has continued as a member of the IOSP (International Order of the Sword and Pen), the organization that puts together the Paddy Crean, as a staff member and instructor.
He also trained in stunts with David Boushey and Daniel Ford Beavis and is a member of the United Stuntmen’s Association. Mak’s stunt work can be seen in such productions as Black Summer on Netflix and in the upcoming HBO Series The Last of Us.

FMA Clickity Clack: Balintawak Fast Track - June 7th 7-9pm

Instructor Jonathan Pang
Spots Available: 15
Filipino Martial Arts are widely considered to be the industry standard platform for fight choreography in Hollywood cinema for half a century. In this crash course we will dive into Balintawak--a modernized lineage of FMA--to develop flow, control, hand speed, sensitivity, and body mechanics while moving at blinding speeds and disturbingly close proximity.

Jonathan Pang
Jonathan began training in 2002 with Wing Chun, Chen Style Tai Chi, and Tae Kwon Do. In 2006 he transitioned to learning Muay Thai and BJJ. He has trained formally with Guru Shawn Zirger (full Dog Brother and Instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak, and Makoto Kabayama) since 2014 and has attended annual Inosanto Seminars since 2015.

During that time, he has also worked his way up to an Advanced certification with Fight Directors Canada, traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, and the United States to enrich his skills as a performer and continually improve upon his martial arts journey. He has led and assisted with classes and demonstrations at the Fighting Arts Collective, Ancient Fire Dojo, and most recently Russia House Philippines FMA/Silat Camp.

Currently he is building up his application to the Inosanto Academy in hopes to become an instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto, and test for my Level 3 in Balintawak under Grandmaster Bobby Taboada.

Intro to Wushu Broadsword - Jun 14th, 7-9pm

Instructor Sveta Chen
Spots Available: 10
Daoshu (broadsword) is one of the staple weapons of modern wushu, primarily used for slashing and chopping. We will cover some basic techniques and assemble them into flashy combinations for you to train and add to your personal arsenal!

Sveta Chen
Sveta has been practicing wushu since the age of 6. After starting with traditional forms she eventually moved forward to compete in modern wushu, participating in many west coast tournaments and the Canadian Nationals from 2012-2017. She was also a Canadian team member at the 2014 Pan American wushu games. Over the years she has learned a wide variety of styles and weapons, taking every opportunity to expand her skill and knowledge base. Having grown up practicing wushu, she has come to view it as a lifelong process.
She currently teaches wushu at all levels to everyone from 5 year olds to adults.
In her spare time Sveta does Chemistry, with a focus on material science.

The Fine Print

Cancellations made more than 7 days in advance of the start date will receive a 100% refund of the class fee.
​Cancellations made within a week to the class start date will incur a $10 cancellation charge onto their refund.
​No refunds will be given once the class has started.

Note that these classes will require the use of a mask to adhere to the COVID policies put in place by the University of British Columbia.