College of Fight Masters

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The title of Fight Master is granted to individuals who are recognized in academic and/or professional circles as leaders, pioneers and master artists in the art of stage combat. All are considered Master Teachers and have made notable contributions to FDC in the areas of research, artistic practice and participation.

Fight Masters are responsible for the mentorship of students and professionals of all levels. They actively promote the art form in professional and academic settings, and are the caretakers of our legacy and institutional memory.

The College of Fight Masters is the development arm of The Academy of Fight Directors Canada (AFDC). This group leads the research and pedagogical direction for the training that AFDC offers. The College of FMs is responsible for developing the testing criteria and professional standards of the Academy, and serve as adjudicators for testing at all levels.

The FM advisor is a member of the Board of Directors. This particular Fight Master speaks on behalf of the College, and represents the FMs in all matters relating to policy.

The Maitre d’Armes is the figurehead leader of Fight Directors Canada. This person represents and promotes the stated values of the association: generosity, humility, work ethic and the highest level of integrity and artistry. The Maitre d’Armes has contributed a lifetime to the art form, which is recognized by the association through the creation of a salute in their honour.