About Us


For over 25 years, Fight Directors Canada has worked to promote and maintain a national standard of safety and aesthetics in the art of fight choreography as an integral part of the entertainment industry: to educate, train, examine and confer grades of proficiency on its members, to safeguard the diversity, interests and concerns of those members, and to inform the general public of the safety and aesthetics of well choreographed fight sequences for television, film and theatre.

With over 500 active members across Canada and around the World, FDC is Canada's largest stage combat organization, and is recognized by the Canadian Actors Equity Association and the Association of Canadian Television, Radio and Film Actors as the national standard for stage and screen combat. Our Fight Instructors, Fight Directors, and Fight Masters teach stage and screen combat at premiere post-secondary training programs across Canada and the United States. Our members choreograph and fight in every professional theatre from coast to coast to coast.

FDC training is recognized by sister organizations around the world, including the Society of American Fight Directors, the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, the Society of Australian Fight Directors, Inc.,  the Nordic Stage Fight Society and others.

Fight Directors Canada is dedicated to the safe and effective performance of stage combat, to the training of actors and teachers to a world-class standard of performance, and to the fostering a community of artists nationally and internationally through inclusivity, diversity, and the free exchange of ideas for the benefit of all members.

Board and Executive

President – AAC Nathania Bernabe – president(at)fdc.ca

Secretary – FD Brianna Johnston – secretary(at)fdc.ca

Treasurer – FD John Knight– treasurer(at)fdc.ca

Actor/Combatant Representative – AAC Michelle Lewis- combatantrep(at)fdc.ca

Fight Instructor/Apprentice Representative – FD Rachel Flesher- firep(at)fdc.ca

Fight Master Representative – FM Laryssa Yanchak

Executive Advisor - AAC Jackie Hanlin- advisor(at)fdc.ca

All Board Members - board(at)fdc.ca

Director of Training – FI Tammy Everett- director(at)fdc.ca

Director of Administration – FI Christopher Mott – membershipadmin(at)fdc.ca