Major P&P Changes

As announced at the AGM (minutes and video coming soon for all members), there have been significant updates and changes to our Policies and Procedures this year, with more to follow.

Some highlights include

  • Amendments suggested by our outside Diversity and Inclusion consultant.
  • Updates to the syllabus based on the recent curriculum update
  • Clarifications and changes to Fight Instructor training and Fight Director application process
  • Addition of qualifications for Fight Master status
  • Reformatting, correcting spelling, and regularizing terminology throughout
  • Moving some material (e.g. description of 'distinction') to more appropriate locations

Several more changes, including clarifications to adjudication, testing results, and re-certifications have been sent to the College of Fight Masters for review (they're in charge of matters pertaining to syllabus, curriculum, and certification procedures).

An outline of the changes can be found below (note: highlighted changes are those suggested by our consultant), and the updated P&P, as always, can be found to read or download on our Policies and Procedures page.