Extended Profiles, Featured Member, Make your voice heard

FDC Featured Member area goes live

FDC is excited to announce that the Featured Member section of the website will soon be active!

The Featured Member section is a chance for the entire membership to promote themselves, and to connect with the amazing people in their community. The profile of each member will be featured on both the FDC Member home page and our social media.

All members, of any level, are encouraged to submit either themselves, or nominate a fellow member.

Do you have an awesome project coming up? A brand new demo-reel you'd like to show off? Have you been thinking about an ex-classmate who just doesn't get enough recognition? Let us know, and we'll post your materials to both Instagram(@fdcacademy) and FDC.ca.

To apply, please send get in touch with Michelle Lewis at combatantrep@fdc.ca

Please keep in mind that you can also send us fight-related photos or request a shoutout on social media for upcoming projects at any time!

Free Extended Profiles

Thanks to a generous donation from a member who wishes to remain anonymous, FDC is currently able to offer 10 Extended Profiles, free of charge, to 10 BIPOC members who have not already signed up for this feature of the FDC website. These free profiles will be awarded on a first come first serve basis to any member who chooses to submit themselves, or is nominated by a fellow member.

For those who have missed out on previous updates on this feature, the Extended Profile feature is currently being offered at a rate of a one time fee of 30$. With the feature enabled, the member is able to upload the following to their profile in the FDC Directory of Members:

Resume & Info: Bio (text), website (link), email (link), union status (selection), union memberships (multiple selection)
Images: up to 3 additional images (minimum 500px wide recommended, maximum file size 2MB but <1MB recommended)
Reel: Acting Reel, Fight Reel (both embedded videos)
Recent Work: Recent Work, Recent Press, Friends and Companies (all text fields, and links become clickable)

Please write to combatantrep@fdc.ca to take advantage of this offer.

The Board and Executive is aware of the financial commitments that are often involved in interacting with the organization, and is committed to continuing to combat this wherever possible.

Make Your Voice Heard

Last week we announced two ways to contribute to FDC’s efforts to enact positive change within the organization. If you missed those announcements, be sure to go back and check them out! (Townhall, Member Survey)

FDC Townhall
Sunday, September 20th 11:00am - 1:30pm PST via zoom meeting

This meeting is open to all membership. Our goals for the meeting are as follows:

Hearing what issues the membership sees within the organization to aid us in progressing as an organization.
Updating FDC’s Core Values and Code of Conduct.
Gauging interest for involvement of the Ethics Committee. With our current concerns and what is brought forward by members, our discrimination, grievance and disciplinary policies, will all see great changes through this committee.

To participate in the virtual townhall please RSVP to our Director of Administration Christopher Mott (membershipadmin@fdc.ca)
When you RSVP you will receive an email before September 20th with the zoom link.

Members Survey
To support the writing of a Member’s Handbook, the AC Representative has sent out a survey to gauge the needs and wishes of membership. To participate, please go to https://fdc.ca/member-home/members-survey-2020/, and fill out the survey before it closes on September 20th. (Please note you will need to log in to reach this page)