Stuck on what to get the actor/combatant on your list this holiday season? Well now you can wrap up some AFDC training to give to your favourite swordfighter (or ask for it yourself!). FDC is now offering PayPal gift certificates that can be used for any payment made to FDC- your loved one could use it for the 2015 Nationals, the 2016 Worlds, or even their membership fees (thought that's the boring option).

Gift certificates are available in several denominations- either CAD$250.00 (the deposit cost for the National Workshop), or an amount selected from a list ranging from CAD$5 to CAD$1000.

Gift Certificates can either be emailed to the recipient, along with a personalized message, or printed so that they can be delivered in person.

Buy one today by visiting our PayPal Gift Certificates page.

And if giving a Gift Certificate isn't your style, remember that there's also some lovely FDC swag available though our CafePress store.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Fight Directors Canada and the Academy.