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  Call for Teacher/Facilitator Applications


The Worlds Conference and its Academic Committee seeks stage combat teachers and facilitators for its 2016 event, which is comprised of The Worlds Certification Conference (WCC) and The Worlds Teachers Conference (WTC) . The Committee invites applications from the following stage combat professionals:

  • Certified Stage Combat Instructors
  • Fight Masters
  • Fight Directors (Affiliated and Independent)
  • Professional Fight Teams
  • Practical Researchers
  • Screen Action Professionals
  • Independent Fight Artists


The Event

In August of 2016, the Worlds Conference will take place in Toronto, Canada, at York University's Department of Theatre. The Conference includes the first World Certification Conference (WCC) , an opportunity for actor-combatants to certify with 5 international training bodies; and, concurrently, The Worlds Teachers Conference (WTC) which is a professional development opportunity for stage and screen fight instructors and choreographers.

Hosted by The Academy of Fight Directors Canada (AFDC), the Worlds Certification Conference is the international collaborative effort of 5 training bodies: AFDC, SAFD (The Society of American Fight Directors), BASSC (The British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat), NSFS (The Nordic Stage Fight Society), and SAFDi (The Society of Australian Fight Directors, Inc.). The Certification or testing portion is a 3-week event and will offer actor-combatants the chance to certify with all participating associations in one certification program. This remarkable opportunity – one training program, one exam, 5 associations – is a first of this magnitude in the history of stage combat certification. 

Running concurrently with the WCC, the Worlds Teacher Conference will be a 12-day program of new works and teaching methodologies, master classes designed for certified teachers, and an international exchange of ideas and practices specific to stage combat instruction and examination.  Participants’ artistic and research-driven physical exploration of dramatic combat will culminate in a live public performance that demonstrates a world perspective on the form.

Applications Sought

The World Certification Conference (WCC) encourages certified teachers from all participating associations to apply for instructor positions. Individuals certified as teachers with two or more associations are strongly encouraged to apply.

The World Teacher Conference (WTC) encourages applications from fight instructors, directors and masters; screen action professionals such as stunt performers, coordinators and live action producers; and specialists and practical researchers in all areas relevant to dramatic combat. This event is centered on professional development and is not a teacher certification conference, so combat professionals of all backgrounds are invited to share their expertise. Selected artists and proposals will ensure the most eclectic, international and creative exchange possible, at the highest professional level.


Applicants for Teacher/Presenter positions must be available for the following dates:
Worlds Certification Conference – from July 31 to August 21 (inclusive), 2016
Worlds Teachers Conference – from July 31 to August 12 (inclusive), 2016*
*Proposals for one- or two-day master classes will also be considered from artists who can only
make a limited commitment.


Deadline for Applications
For the Certification Conference: applications for Teacher positions must be submitted by October 1, 2015.

For the World Teacher Conference: applications for Teacher positions must be submitted by October 1, 2015.

Applications for all teaching positions will be reviewed by the World Stage Combat Training Conference Academic Committee. Final selections will be made by FDC Fight Master Paul Gélineau and SAFD/BASSC Certified Teacher Bret Yount.


To apply please forward a letter of intention and how you would like to contribute to either Conference and a current resume with Fight Directing and/or Teaching credits to

FM Paul Gélineau

Chair, Worlds Academic Committee

For more information on The World Stage Combat Training Conference, visit or contact FM Paul Gélineau at