Five national stage combat associations. Two remarkable conferences.
One world-class training opportunity for you.


Fight Directors Canada and The Worlds Academic Committee
are thrilled to announce


The 2016 World Stage Combat Certification Conference


The 2016 World Stage Combat Teacher Conference


York University, Toronto, Canada
August 3 – 24, 2016


Joint Training and Certification with:
Fight Directors Canada
The British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat
The Nordic Stage Fight Society
The Society of American Fight Directors
The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc.


Dear colleagues:

Thanks to the diligent work of Fight Masters and Senior Teachers around the world, the shared dream of an international stage combat conference is now reality. We at FDC are proud to confirm that in August 2016, at Toronto’s York University, the five internationally-renowned stage combat organizations listed above will collaborate for a three-week joint certification course in all actor-combatant levels. Participants in the 2016 World Stage Combat Certification Conference will spend three inspiring weeks with a first-rate international teaching staff, exploring a world perspective on stage combat training and collaboration. This conference will offer attendees the incredible opportunity to train and test for certification with all five major certifying bodies at one time – a first in the history of stage combat!

The 2016 World Stage Combat Teacher Conference, taking place August 3 to 15 in tandem with the Certification Conference, will bring together professional actor-combatants and certified stage combat teachers from around the world to explore new approaches to stage and film combat training in relation to certification. This academic exchange will culminate in a public performance celebrating the diversity of our discipline. A professional development opportunity like no other, this conference will give our emerging stage combat teachers the opportunity to fight and train at the highest possible level.

Preliminary information is available at Over the next two months official registration dates will be announced; both conferences will have limited enrolment. In order to make participation possible for those with higher travel costs, a sliding fee structure will be offered for attendees coming from greater distances.

On behalf of The Worlds Academic Committee and The Academy of Fight Directors Canada, I welcome you all to the world of possibilities that this collaboration will create. “The Worlds” marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in stage combat history. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

With best regards,

Paul Gélineau
Chair, The 2016 World Stage Combat Conference
Director, The Academy of Fight Directors Canada